How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner in Binarium

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner in Binarium
Today I would like to consider the topic of making money on binary options from a slightly different angle. Namely, to tell you about the possibility of earning money on options as a partner. That is, take part in the brokers' affiliate program.

In this case, you do not have to trade binary options yourself. You just become a partner of this or that broker binary options, you get all the necessary materials - banners, links, sliders, etc. Next, advertise your affiliate link.

If the person who came to your link makes a deposit (as a rule, the minimum deposit is $ 200), then you receive your commission. Often, the amount of commissions ranges from $ 100- $ 150 from one deposit, depending on the broker you choose. For example, the commission is $ 100, and the commission is $ 150. There is a difference, but in principle, both are significant amounts, so you can work with each of the brokers. Although for beginners, I again do not recommend too much spray. Choose one first.

Binarium Affiliate Program

Binarium holds a commanding lead in the binary options market. Traders are provided with a comfortable trading platform and a wide selection of services. The company ensures comprehensive support and complete safety and security of funds. Each new client receives a welcome bonus.

Binarium has a number of advantages that help to attract new clients:
  • Responsive trading platform that is easy to use on all devices;
  • Around-the-clock service and online trading;
  • Minimum deposit of 60 RUB to start trading;
  • Help in training and expert advice;
  • Free 60,000 RUB demo account available for training;
  • Welcome bonus of up to 30,000 RUB on the first deposit.

Binarium affiliate program aims at finding clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, and European countries. The advertiser offers a wide range of landing pages and banners of various formats. In each offer, affiliates will find detailed description and requirements (GEOs, traffic sources) as well as recommendations on how to increase conversions. Affiliates can choose CPA or RevShare pricing with good rates. All traffic sources except for fraudulent and incentivized traffic are accepted. 

How much can you earn from Binarium Affiliate Program?

I am sure many people are interested in this question. In fact, it all depends on you. From how you work, what advertising tools you use, how you can analyze and test. There are a lot of factors influencing the final result. You can earn both $ 100 and $ 1000. And even more.

For example, in the first month, when I was just starting work, I earned only $ 600 with an investment of 4500 rubles. That is, the profit was about $ 450.

Now the profit is slightly higher:
How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner in Binarium
As you can see, in a little more than a month (from July 22 to August 31), $ 3360 was earned. About $ 250 was spent on advertising. As you can imagine, this is not much.

What is the secret of this conversion? - you ask. The secret is in the landing page, that is, the page that a person comes to through your referral link.

There are pages that convert very poorly (1 registration for 100 clicks) and there are pages whose conversion is off scale (1 registration for 20-30 clicks). When you analyze promotional materials, then look for just nuclear landing pagesthat will work 100% and bring you profit.

Lets take a look at a few examples of such landing pages ...

For example, one of the brokers brokers has ...

Which page do you think converts better? Yes, of course, the second one. Almost every option broker has pages with medium and high conversions. Then take a look at your partner in your admin panel.

But, for example, Yandex Direct is unlikely to miss the second page during moderation, so for contextual advertising it is better to use the first landing page option. But for advertising in mailings, article or banner placement, the second page is more suitable.

If we return to our rams, I can say one thing ...

In general, if you put in at least 50% of the effort and connect 1-2 mailings and 1 campaign on Yandex Direct to work, then with a budget of 5-7 thousand rubles, you can easily earn from $ 1000 to $ 2000 per month. Maybe even more, since the commissions in this niche are quite large ($ 100- $ 150).

Thats all.

If you still have any questions or misunderstandings, then I look forward to your comments below.

Binary broker affiliate programs: the best choice for great earnings

Almost any broker working with binary options has programs for partnership cooperation. The Russian-language interface is present on the websites of a little more than a dozen large brokers. Classic examples of profitable and reliable online broker affiliate programs are this:
  • (online broker affiliate program Binarium ).
H to start working as a partner of a broker, you need to go to one of the above sites and on the main page click on the registration link in the affiliate program. They are usually called "Affiliate Program" or "Partners".

This brokers are interested in webmasters who have experience in attracting referrals and earnings on them ... Each of these web resources has technical support. Comparing Binpartner, Сleveraff and Kingfin in this regard, the first position in the rating can be givenb.

FROM the manager, the leading partner, can be contacted either by e-mail or to communicate on topics of interest via Skype. The second place in the quality of technical support is : communication by email, sometimes the manager can contact the partner by mobile phone, inquiring about current problems. At the broker in this regard, slightly worse than the rest. Contacting technical support is problematic, and you have to wait a long time to get an answer.

Regarding the provided promotional materials, in terms of their quantity and quality, all three are at a high level.

Where to advertise a Binirium affiliate link for binary options?

The question is quite serious and important, since, as a result, the value of the intrinsic making money on the Internet ... Good ad options earnings on binary options are thematic mailings, contextual, as well as banner and article advertising.

Social networks

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner in Binarium
 Mailings for social media ads must be selected by business topic. At the same time, phrases with key words are typed in the search: forex, earnings, business, etc. Having selected the necessary mailings, they analyze their quality. At the same time, attention is paid to the number of subscribers, the frequency of letters sent, and the author is asked for the skin of the percentage of mailings open, the release date and the cost of services.

Contextual advertising on Yandex Direct

In terms of quality, this method of advertising is not worse than mailings, but the campaign itself will last much longer. This means that, unlike written mailing, such advertising will not be able to immediately give a thousand or more clicks in one day, and its effectiveness will be stretched over time.

Banner and article advertising

These types differ in format, but they are united by work on one thematic platform, eg, ... In the search for which the site can help. The process of selecting the right websites on is similar to the search procedure in the Smartresponder catalog. Keywords are entered into the search form, the "statistics" filter is selected and the system displays a list of sites of the desired subject.

Paying attention to the attendance column (on the right), they select web resources with indicators of 300-2000 visitors per day.

Next, sites with a good design and a minimum of advertising are selected. The last step remains - to place an article on the site you like ( ) or banner. If there is an advertising section, then they study the conditions for placing advertising material and contact the author of the site. It also makes sense to find contacts and contact the owners of those sites that do not have an advertising section. A written small letter of offer about the possibility of buying advertising space on the pages of the site can find a response.

Own site

How to join Affiliate Program and become a Partner in Binarium
Nothing is difficult in our time create your website from scratch , buy several thematic articles for him, for example on and start make money on your website very decent money.


The amount of earnings on affiliate programs for trading binary options

The amount of money that can be made from binary options affiliate programs or online traders, as they now call themselves, will depend on pricing policy the chosen broker and the number of visitors who came through the affiliate link and decided to invest.

If a person makes a deposit (at least $ 5), then a commission goes to the link owners account. The amount may fluctuate depending on the chosen broker and range from 30 to 50% from each deposit made.

Working as a binary options partner requires not only time expenditures, but also certain skills and abilities. And developing a strategy for attracting customers through an affiliate link will provide an opportunity to increase the flow of users, which will directly affect your own income. Use the best binary options affiliate programs

Affiliate programs constantly attract webmasters and affiliate marketers. The main reason is that profit directly depends on how efficiently and effectively you are able to attract targeted traffic. Some of the most popular affiliate programs are those that work in the financial sector. Todays article is about the Cleveraff project, which specializes in binary options.
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