How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

How to Deposit at Binarium

There is no need to send us multiple documents scans to confirm your identity. Verification is not required if you withdraw your funds using the same billing information that was used for funds deposit.

Bonus is additional funds that are provided by the company to increase the trading potential of traders

When making a deposit, a certain amount of bonus money may be credited to your account, size of bonus depends on the size of your deposit.

1. After Login Successfully to Binarium, you will see the Picture as below, Click "Deposit"
How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium
2. Choose the Deposit Method, exp: MasterCard
How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium
3. Input the Amount and Pay
How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium
The bonus does not limit the amount of funds that you can withdraw: you can withdraw your profits at any time as well as the amount of your deposit. Please note that when withdrawing funds, all bonus funds that were not used in trades with a x40 turnover will be assigned inactive status and will be debited from your account.

Minimum deposit on Banirium

The minimum deposit is $5, €5, A$5, ₽300 or ₴150. Your first investment brings real profit closer.

Maximum deposit on Banirium

The maximum amount you can deposit in a single transaction is $10,000, €10,000, A$10,000, ₽600,000 or ₴250,000. There is no limit to the number of top up transactions.

When will my money reach my Binarium account?

Your deposit is reflected in your account as soon as you confirm the payment. The money on the bank account is reserved, and then immediately displayed on the platform and in your Binarium account.

Funding and withdrawal methods

Make deposits and withdraw payouts with your VISA, Mastercard and Mir credit cards, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and WebMoney e-wallets. We also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple cryptocurrencies.

No deposit and withdrawal fees

More than this. We cover your payment system fees when you top up your account or withdraw funds.

However, if your trading volume (the sum of all your trades) isnt at least twice as big as your deposit, we may not cover the 10% fee of the requested withdrawal amount.

How to Trade Binary Options at Binarium

Trade is a financial instrument that provides a fixed payout if the prediction of the asset price at the expiry time is correct. Place trades based on whether you believe the price of the asset will be higher or lower than the initial. All you need to do is to choose an asset and predict its price dynamics for a selected period. If the trade is successful, you earn the fixed payout (in-the-money). If at the end of the trade the asset price remains at the same level, your investment is credited back to your account with no profit. If the assets dynamics were predicted incorrectly, you lose the amount of your investment (out-of-the-money), yet without risking all of your capital.

Opening a Trade

1. Trading is an activity that lets you earn money on price fluctuations of different assets. In this case, you will receive 85% of profit if, when the trade expires, the chart will still be moving in the correct direction.

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

2. Set the investment amount at $50. The amount of investments in one trade cant be less than $1, €1, A$1, ₽60 or ₴25.

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

3. Select The Expiration Time. It determines the moment when the trade is over and you find out if you made a profit.

Binarium offers two types of trades: short-term trades with an expiration time of no more than 5 minutes and trades that last from 5 minutes to 3 months.

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

4. Look at the chart and decide where it will go next: Up or Down. The chart shows how the price of an asset changes. If you expect the value of the asset to increase, click the green Call button. To bet on the price decrease, click the red Put button.

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

5. Congratulations! Your trade was successful.

Now wait for the trade to close to find out whether your forecast was correct. If it was, the amount of your investment plus the profit from the asset would be added to your balance. If your forecast was incorrect – the investment would not be returned.

How to Deposit and Trade Binary Options at Binarium

Call and Put

When you predict a Put or High option, you assume that the value of the asset compared to the opening price will fall. A Call or Low option means that you suppose the value of an asset will rise.


Quote relates to the price of an asset at a particular moment. For you as a trader quotes at the trade start (opening price) and end (expiry rate) are particularly important.

Binarium quotes are provided by Leverate, a company with a sound reputation of the market leader.

Maximum trade amount

$10,000, €10,000, A$10,000, ₽600,000 or ₴250,000. The number of active trades with maximum investment is limited to 20.

Expiry rate

The expiry rate is the value of the financial asset at the moment of trade expiration. It may be lower, higher or equal to the opening price. The compliance between the expiry rate and the traders prediction defines the profit.

Trade history

Review your trades in the History section. Access it either from the left menu of the terminal or the dropdown menu in the upper right corner by clicking on the user profile and selecting the Trading history section.

How can I monitor my active trades?

Trade progress is displayed in the asset chart and the History section (in the left menu). The platform allows you to work with 4 charts at once.

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